Glass Is Essential to Us


Who could ever have imagined that something that is made out of sand and is liquidated in flames and is shaped into all sorts of beautiful and intricate designs could wind up on our tables, bookshelves, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms? Well, they have, and we all have glass to thank for that.

No, we cannot take glass nor the art of glassblowing for granted, not if we have personally seen how glass is made. If most of us have had the privilege of seeing that, we would come to appreciate glass even more.

When we have something that is valuable, we take care of it, we protect it from others ans cherish it, well, that’s exactly the same attitude we should take toward the glass objects we have in our possession.

It seems that glass has become almost essential to life, some glass objects are even used for medical purposes, for instance, in protecting persons who are disease-intolerant from contracting such, which requires that they have to live in a “glass bubble”.