Glass Blowing: a Unique Art


Glass blowing is indeed a unique art, and for some it’s a hobby as well.

Most of us take for granted the glass objects we have in our homes, such as intricately designed glass candy dishes, for instance or even a common drinking glass.

Glassblowing is a very delicate and intricate art that requires much skill. The art of glassblowing dates back to around the 2nd Century, B.C., where glass bottles were excavated in a cave in Chogha Zanbil, Iran. Other excavations involved discovering glass making factories from the Old City of Jerusalem, dating back from 37 B.C. to 4 C.E.

So it seems that glass making has been around a very long time. How is glass made and how are the various shapes made? Actually, glass is made from sand, which is blasted by fire in a furnace many times over until the sand melts downs into a liquid substance, in which a glass blower uses a blowpipe to blow the glass into whatever shape or form they want.

This is not as easy as it looks, it requires much skill. The process of glassblowing is indeed an art that is not to be taken lightly.

There are few persons who have had the rare privilege of observing how glass is made, but some have actually gone to the glass-making factories themselves and have watched right there on the premises just how easy glassblowers make it seem.

Once the glass is shaped, then the liquidity of it hardens as it gets cooler, that’s how we are able to obtain and purchase the glass most of us have in our homes.

Virtually anything can be made from glass, everything from drinking glasses or dab rigs used for smoking to artistic designs, such as images of animals, fruits and the like. At times, such glass designs are etched into the glass itself, such as the artistic designs that are made on a candy dish, for instance. Practically anything can be designed from glass, even some pipes, designed for smoking have been designed from glass, others for less noble purposes.

Yes, much work is put into the glass we use. It involves the work of skilled artisans, persons who are clearly skilled in the art of glassblowing and who know how to blow glass into whatever shape they desire or what is required.